Obtaining Your ACT Learner Motorcycle Licence

To obtain your ACT Learner Motorcycle Licence you must:

  • be at least 16 years and nine months old;
  • undertake a government approved rider training course; and
  • if you DO NOT already hold a Driver Licence, you must also successfully complete a Road Ready Learner Licence Course, including a computerised knowledge test on the ACT Road Rules.

The Road Ready Course is provided by most ACT schools free of charge as part of their year 10 curriculum. It is also conducted by a Road Ready Centre at various locations for a cost of $155.00. The course is available during the day, in the evenings and at weekends. To make a booking, telephone 6162 5152 or 6282 8990. When you have successfully completed the Road Ready course and knowledge test you MUST be issued a Learner Car Licence (unless you hold a current Driver Licence) before booking for the Learner Rider course.

When you go to a Canberra Connect Shopfront or the Motor Vehicle Registry to get your Learner Car Licence, you must:

  • successfully complete an eye test;
  • provide the passed ACT Road Rules Knowledge Test certificate (unless you hold a current Driver Licence); and
  • Proof of Identity, residency and age.

The Learner Motorcycle Rider Training Course (Stay Upright) costs $236.00 (fees subject to change without notice) and is currently provided by Stay Upright Motorcycle Techniques.When you have successfully completed the Rider Training course you must then attend a Canberra Connect shopfront to have your Driver Licence endorsed with the Learner Rider class.


You must bring:

  • ACT photographic Driver Licence; and
  • provide the passed Motorcycle Rider Training course certificate;
  • a fee may be charged for this transaction.

Whilst riding on your Learner Licence in the ACT you must:
  • display "L" plates at the rear of the motorcycle;
  • not carry a pillion passenger;
  • not ride a motorcycle with a power to weight ratio exceeding 150 kw/tonne;
  • not have a blood alcohol content exceeding .02%;
  • not tow a trailer; and
  • not exceed posted speed limits.

Please note that there are restrictions on the type of motorcycles inexperienced riders may ride. Further information can be obtained by reading the New Restrictions for ACT Learner and Novice Motorcycle Riders.

Learner Motorcycle Licences are valid for two years. To renew your Learner Licence, you will have to pass the Road Rules Knowledge Test and the Rider Training Course again. The Knowledge Test is conducted by a Road Ready Centre at the Canberra Technology Park, 47 Phillip Avenue, Downer, or at the Road Ready Centre, 72 Townshend Street Phillip, and costs $32.50. To sit the test you will need to produce your existing Learner Licence. It is not necessary to make a booking.You must be at least 17 years old and have held a Learner Licence for at least three months before you can obtain a Provisional Licence.