Getting a Tasmanian Provisional Motorcycle Licence

A motorcycle provisional licence is issued after a rider has progressed from holding a motorcycle learner licence.

At least 17 years to hold a motorcycle provisional licence.

You must have:

Residents of King, Flinders or Cape Barren Islands are not required to attend the pre-provisional motorcycle training course.

Steps to attaining a provisional motorcycle licence
The customer needs to undertake the following in person at Service Tasmania shops or designated police stations:

  • Complete the application for licence form
  • Provide the pre-provisional motorcycle training course certificate (certificate valid for 3 months from the date of issue)
  • Provide a current learner licence or Full Evidence of Identity
  • Provide a full or provisional licence (if applicable)
  • Undertake an eye test
  • Have their photograph taken and provide their signature.
  • Surrender any current licence they hold - Basic/Provisional (where applicable), plus current motorcycle learner licence

Length of provisional period (if applicable)
Customers who have completed a provisional period do not have to undertake another provisional period.
The length of a provisional period depends on the age of the customer at the time the licence is issued:

  • Less than 22 years - 3 years
  • Between 22 and 24 years - until the person turns 25
  • 24 years and over when licence is issued - 1 year.

If the licence is suspended or cancelled during the first year, the provisional period must be started again.  After the first year the provisional period is extended by the length of the suspension.

Licence Requirements
If a customer has a full car licence they must obey the following requirements for provisional motorcycle licence holders for the first continuous 12 months:

Additional conditions are to be obeyed if the customer does not already hold a provisional driver licence:

  • No alcohol in their body while riding for the provisional period; and
  • Display a 'P' plate on the rear of the motorcycle for the first continuous 12 months; and
  • Not exceed 80 km per hour for the first continuous 12 months.

If the customer already has a provisional car licence:

  • 'P' plate and 80 km per hour conditions are for the first continuous period of 12 months from the date of issue of the provisional car licence.


The customer needs to provide:

  • The licence fee if moving from learner to provisional or
  • The licence fee for renewal, plus if applicable
  • The extension fee for an endorsement to a full licence.

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