Learner and Novice Motorcycle Restrictions

What are the restrictions?
Under the restrictions, learners and novice licence holders can only ride motorcycles with a power to weight ratio not exceeding 150 kilowatts per tonne until they have held a provisional motorcycle licence for 12 months.


Why are there motorcycle restrictions for learner and novice licence holders?
The ACT has restricted the types of motorcycles that learner and novice licence holders can ride as a road safety initiative. The restrictions ensure inexperienced motorcyclists only ride less powerful motorcycles while they are learning to ride and during the first year of their provisional licence.


Who do the motorcycle restrictions apply to?
The restrictions apply to learner and novice motorcycle licence holders.

You are a learner if you hold a learner motorcycle licence. You are a novice motorcycle rider if you have obtained a provisional motorcycle licence but have had this provisional licence for less than 12 months.


How can I find out which motorcycles comply with the requirement?
A list is available of more than 400 motorcycles which meet the restrictions. Only motorcycles which have power to weight ratios within the learner / novice limit are included in this list. The list can be viewed at the following locations:

(The list will be updated as new models of motorcycles are approved for registration)


The ACT Government will ensure, to the best of its ability, that the list of complying motorcycles is correct. However non-standard motorcycles may not comply with legislation requirements. Therefore the onus is on you as the rider to make sure that any motorcycle you are interested in buying and riding conforms to the legislation before you purchase it. If you are purchasing a motorcycle from a motorcycle dealer, ask to see the list of motorcycles and ensure that the model you are interested in is on the list.


How is the power to weight ratio calculated?
The power figure used in the calculation is the output quoted by the motorcycle manufacturer. The weight figure is based on the tare mass quoted by the manufacturer. However, for motorcycles with a
capacity of less than 260cc (cm³), the weight of a full tank of fuel and a rider allowance of 90kg are added. For motorcycles with a capacity of 260cc (cm³) or more, a rider allowance of 68 kg is added.

To calculate the power to weight ratio, the number of kilowatts (kw) of power is divided by the total weight in kilograms (kg), [tare weight + fuel + 90kg rider allowance for motorcycles under 260cc or tare weight + 68kg for motorcycles of 260cc or more]. The result is multiplied by 1000 to convert to kw per tonne.


What do I do if a motorcycle is not on the list but I think it complies?
There may be some (mainly older) model motorcycles that are not on the list but may comply with the legislation. If you own or wish to ride such a motorcycle, you can get an application form requesting recognition of your particular model from one of the ACT Government Shopfronts or online here.