Obtaining a NSW P2 Provisional Motorcycle Licence

Passing the HPT

After you’ve had your P1 licence for 12 months, you can attempt to move on to the next stage – your P2 licence, which is signified by green P plates.

To go from red to green Ps, you need to pass the Hazard Perception Test, or HPT.


What is the HPT?

Now that you’ve been driving by yourself for a while, you’ll be well aware of the dodgy situations that can arise on the road: a pedestrian stepping out, a car cutting in front of you, or perhaps someone braking for no apparent reason.


These situations are what the RTA calls ‘hazards’ – in other words, they are possible sources of danger that could lead to a crash. Safe drivers can spot these hazards with enough time to act and avoid a crash.

The HPT is a computer-based touch-screen test designed to measure your ability to recognise potentially dangerous situations on the road and then respond appropriately. Film clips of real traffic situations are used and you’re asked to touch the screen in response to what’s going on – for example, you may have to slow down, overtake or turn at an intersection.


The main concepts of hazard perception including judging stopping and following distances, picking safe gaps in the traffic and scanning for hazards.


The HPT is based on thorough research – in fact the test questions focus on the five most common crash types in which P platers are involved. For more info about common crashes and how to avoid them, go here.


(Sourced from http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au)