Obtaining an ACT Provisional Motorcycle Licence

Provisional licences are issued for three years. 'P' plates must be displayed for the three years and the accumulation of four or more demerit points during that time will result in suspension of the licence for three months.

However, if the driver or rider holds their provisional licence for a period of six months and completes an optional Road Ready provisional licence course, they may remove their 'P' plates. Their demerit points allowance will also be increased by four points.


The MAXIMUM permitted blood-alcohol concentration for provisional licence holders is below 0.02.


The minimum age to obtain a provisional car or motorcycle licence is 17.


To obtain a provisional motorcycle licence, you must have held your learner licence for at least three months and pass a rider assessment, which is currently provided by Stay Upright Motorcycle Techniques, telephone (02) 6241 3963.

(Sourced from http://www.rego.act.gov.au)