Obtaining Your Victorian Learner Motorcycle Licence

A motorcycle learner permit allows you to ride on the road while you are learning. The permit is valid for 15 months or until you obtain a motorcycle licence.   

You must be at least 18 years of age and a Victorian resident to get a motorcycle learner permit.

To get your permit you need to pass the following tests:

  • Road law knowledge test
  • Motorcycle knowledge test
  • Motorcycle skill assessment (a practical test)
  • Eyesight test

You must hold a learner permit continuously for at least three months in the period immediately prior to obtaining a motorcycle licence.


Study Material
To prepare for your test you can purchase the "Victorian Rider" handbook available from VicRoads Customer Service Centres, RACV offices and some newsagents and bookshops. You can also download a PDF version of the handbook here.


Make an Appointment for your Test and Training
Motorcycle learner permit tests are conducted by VicRoads accredited providers. These providers can also offer training courses to prepare you for these tests. To make an appointment call a VicRoads accredited provider nearest you.


Training and Tests - The fees for the learner permit test and training will vary according to the provider you attend.
The learner permit fee comes to a total of $49.40 (inc. $11.10 appointment fee, $19 learner permit test fee and $19.30 for your Victorian driver learner permit card).


Evidence of Identity
On the day of your test you ned to bring your driver licence or car learner permit as evidence of identity. If you do not have either of these, you need to bring original evidence of identity documents. You must provide:

  • One primary evidence document (eg. Australian birth certificate or passport)
  • One secondary evidence document (eg. Medicare card, credit/account card, student identity card, bank statement)
  • Evidence of residence (if not indicated in the primary or secondary documents)

One of these documents must have your signature on it. For a full list of documents that can be used to prove identity, see evidence of identity.


You will need to complete the Licence or Learner permit application form.